Toshiba NB520 Netbook Harman Kardon Finally Hits Europe

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The NB520 is a 10.1 inch Netbook running an Intel Atom N550 1.5GHz Processor, 1GB DDR3 RAM & a 250GB Shock resistant Hard Drive. Connectivity wise we’ve got the usual, bluetooth, wifi, 3 USB 2.0, vga, audio jacks, SD card reader, kensington lock, ethernet & the option for 3G. Taiwan will not be offered the 3G option on this early release. Its also got a few luxury extras such as its textured finish, sleep charge function as well as sleep music function which will allow you to plug in an mp3 player while the unit is off and use its amazing speakers. It comes in two variations a Intel Atom N550 or an AMD C-50. I picked up the AMD C-50.

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HP Mini 210 gets 2nd update – vibrant colors, Beats Audio, 6-cell battery

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HP has announced an update to the HP Mini 210. That makes it the second time HP has updated the design of their flagship netbook. We’re mostly looking at design tweaks; different curves, new punchy colors, edge-to-edge screen and a flush trackpad and buttons with specs largely unchanged, except the 6-cell battery (9.5 hours) looks better integrated and Beats Audio for better sound. You’ll still get the same dual core Atom N550 (and probably N570), integrated GMA 3150 graphics and the usual specs that go along with it. The new HP Mini 210 range is expected out in June 15 with pricing starting at $299.99.

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ASUS HQ Makes Official Statement on Transformer Tablet Shortage

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Living in Taipei we’ve often noticed that marketing people overseas don’t really know what’s going on with their products, not like the head quarters does anyways. There have been a lot of rumors floating around the internet around shortages of the ASUS Transformer first about volumes due to component shoratges, then from a ASUS UK rep talking about quality control issues. Then we heard that the Transformer shortages were already being openly addressed here in the Taiwanese media after the ASUS earnings call last week. So we contacted ASUSTek Spokesperson David Chang to get to the bottom of things.

When tasked with the question of how many Transformers are you currently producing monthly? We got a concrete response of an expected 100,000 units in May and 200,000+ units to be hitting the streets in June.

When asked when the shortage will be over Chang expects that “we will see a significant alleviation in the month of June”. This confirms what we’ve already been hearing about volumes increasing mid June. Chang also noted that “If the demand continues to increase substantially then we will have to continue to ramp up production in order to fulfill our customers’ demand.” Which is good news since the message appears to be loud and clear that we need more, a lot more!

Rumors around component shortage causing the tablet to be in short supply we not confirmed. ASUS simply didn’t expect such high demand for the 10 inch tablet with docking station, so the shortage is actually being caused by the high demand. Chang stated that “It really depends on the demand. The current demand surpasses our expectations by far.” So they are ramping up volumes next month, and looking at their projections for Q2 they are on track to achieve and surpass current sales goals of 300,000.

So it seems that all we had to do to get to the bottom of this was to head on over to the ASUS Head Quarters here in Taipei where they’ve been openly talking about the ASUS Transformer shortage for the past week! Until the next round of rumors appear, we’ve got word from the head quarters (not the word of some marketing guy in the UK) that the ASUS Transformer will be easier to get a hold of in June.

In the mean time while Transformer is hard to get you can check out our video review of the elusive tablet which we picked up (after a 3 hour search) here in Taipei.

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Cedar Trail Atom N2600 and N2800 SKUs detailed

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Intel officially went public with Cedar Trail last month in China (see our coverage) but the whole affair was rather lackluster and focused more on Oak Trail. We didn’t hear any details on SKUs, see performance nor did we see any new netbook designs taking advantage of its 32nm design process. We expect more to be revealed down the line but in the meantime Fudzilla has leaked some details on SKUs.

Two new SKUs in fact. The Atom N2600 and N2800. Cedar Trail jumps to four digit numbering. First, the higher end N2800. Dual core with Hyper-Threading, clocked at 1.86GHz with Intel GMA 5650 graphics (640MHz), support for DDR3-1066 RAM, 64-bit OSes (not new to Atom) and a TDP of 6.5W. For comparison, Pine Trail Atom N550 (1.5GHz) and N570 (1.86GHz) both have a TDP of 8.5W. The lower end N2600 will have slightly weaker specs but will make up for it with a lower TDP. No details mentioned here.

These SKUs are expected to launch in Q4 at the latter end of this year.

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VIA launches Nano X2 E-Series low power chips

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Chip maker VIA has unveiled a new version of its Nano X2 processor called the VIA Nano X2 E-Series. It’s a dual core 64-bit chip designed for embedded systems. In other words, you probably won’t find the E-Series in a netbook or tablet anytime soon, but it could be used in televisions, set-top-boxes, point-of-sales systems (ie: fancy cash registers), or other commercial or business environments.

The VIA Nano X2 E-Series will come in 1.2 GHz and 1.6 GHz models. Both chips are built using a 40nm design and support Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows CE, and Linux. The chips are pin-to-pin compatible with VIA Eden, Eden X2, C7, and VIA Nano E-Series chips which should make it possible for system builders to switch to the new chips with minimal fuss.

VIA is sampling the new processors to customers right now, and expects systems using the Nano X2 E-Series to ship in the second quarter of 2011.

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HP 3105m AMD powered business notebook now available for $449 and up

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The HP 3105m is an 11.6 inch business notebook with an AMD E-350 dual core processor and Radeon HD 6310 graphics. To put it another way, it’s the HP Pavilion dm1z, dressed up as a business notebook and sold through HP’s business division. Recently we discovered a spec sheet for the previously unannounced laptop, and after meeting with an HP rep, I discovered that the laptop is already available for purchase for $449.

HP did a soft launch of this model without drawing much fanfare. Apparently enterprise customers had been asking about the availability of the dm1z, so HP decided to begin offering the laptop as part of its business line. The key differences between the HP 3105m and the Pavilion dm1z is that the business version ships is available with Windows 7 Professional and a number of other upgrade options.

The base model still comes with 2GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive, Windows 7 Home Premium, and a 55Whr battery. But HP will offer additional configuration options including freeDOS, up to 8GB of RAM, and a range of wireless configurations.

Only a few variations will be available from the HP web site, so if you want some of those advanced options, you’ll probably have to contact HP directly to work out pricing.

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MSI Windpad 100W Hands On and Preview

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MSI launches its new WindPad 100W Windows 7 Tablet powered by Intel Melow Processor Z530 running at 1.60 GHz Clock Speed. The new WindPad 100W Tablet Specs offer a 10-inch capacitive multi-touch screen display with 1024 x 600 pixels resolution, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 32GB SSD storage, a USB 2.0 port provides high speed data transfers, mini HDMI port connecting the large LCD and Plasma TV’s, in built SD card slot, inbuilt 1.3 mega pixel front camera for Video chat, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and also comes with excellent battery life 6 hours.

We can’t see this making too much of a splash on the scene since the processor is going to be out of date shortly.

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Intel Atom N2800 Cedar Trail chips due later this year

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It looks like we’ll be able to stop calling Intel’s next-generation netbook chips “Cedar Trail” later this year. Fudzilla reports that the actual model number for the new chip has been uncovered: Meet the Intel Atom N2600 and N2800.

The new chips will replace the Atom N4xx and N5xx chips that dominate the netbook space today. The new model chip features a 32nm design (current Atom chips are built with a 45nm process) which helps reduce power consumption while offering similar or better performance.

The Intel Atom N2800 will be a dual core 1.86 GHz chip with a TDP of 6.5 watts. It will feature GMA 5650 graphics running at 640 MHz. The chip supports 64-bit operating systems and DDR3 memory.

Intel will also launch an Atom N2600 single core version with lower power consumption.

The Intel Atom Z670 Oak Trail chip is expected to hit the streets this summer, but that processor is geared toward low power tablets and similar mobile devices. The Cedar Trail line is designed for netbooks and low power laptops, offering much better overall performance than Oak Trail.

The Intel Atom N2600 and N2800 chips are expected to launch during the fourth quarter of 2011.

The news comes hot on the heels of reports that Intel will launch D2500 and D2700 Cedar Trail chips for desktop computers later this year as well. Those models will be a little faster than the netbook chips, but they’ll also consume more power with a TDP of about 10 watts.

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Target is apparently cancelling Eee Pad Transformer orders

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A few days ago we reported that Target was offering a coupon for $40 off the price of an Asus Eee Pad Transformer, bringing the cost down to $360 (plus tax and shipping). But now a number folks who took advantage of the deal are reporting that Target has cancelled their orders.

The retailer is sending an email to customers saying that orders are being cancelled because none of Target’s suppliers has the tablet available.

But some users have noted that after contacting Target they’ve discovered that the orders are still good, while others have been able to reinstate their orders.

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ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Unboxing in a Taipei Taxi

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The ASUS Transformer Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet is in high demand especially since we’ve heard that they’re only able to produce 10,000 units a month. This 10 inch tablet is one of the most affordable options for a Honeycomb tablets so far this year. The Transformer is priced at $400 but since we picked it up here in Taipei and tablets are a little more we got it for $500. We couldn’t help our selves so we decided to unbox it in a Taxi, so

Eee Pad Transformer Specifications:
Android 3.0 Honeycomb
10.1-inch touchscreen (1280×800)
1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor
1GB of RAM
16/32 GB of internal storage
5 MP rear facing camera / 1.2 MP front-facing camera
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, with bluetooth 2.1
2 USB ports
Attachable keyboard dock

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Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 to ship next week?

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The Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 is expected to be one of the first tablet computers to ship with a shiny new 1.5 GHz Intel Atom Z670 Oak Trail processor, but the company hasn’t announced an official launch date yet. Now a German retailer is giving us a clue… or a guess.

Henzsoft has posted a product page for the tablet, with a release date of Friday, May 13th. If that date is accurate, it looks like you may be able to get your hands on an Oak Trail tablet in less than two weeks… in Germany anyway.

The tablet features a 10.1 inch, 1280 x 800 pixel IPS display with a dual digitizer for pen input and 4-finger multitouch control. The tablet packs a 2.5 inch solid state disk, 2GB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and optional 3G and GPS connectivity.

The Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 also has Intel GMA 600 graphics, an HDMI output, an SDHC card slot, USB port, and a fingerprint scanner. The tablet will be available with Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional.

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HTC Flyer Android tablet up for pre-order for $500

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As expected, Best Buy has started taking pre-orders for the HTC Flyer Android tablet. I heard anecdotal evidence that some customers had placed pre-orders for the tablet last week, but the order page didn’t officially go live on the Best Buy web site until this weekend.

Best Buy is charging $499.99 for the tablet and estimates that it should arrive after May 22nd.

The HTC Flyer features a 7 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragton processor, 16GB of storage, Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, and a microSD card slot.

The tablet runs Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread with HTC Sense software on top.

While the HTC Flyer has a capacitive touchscreen display and responds to fingertip input, the tablet also supports pen input with the included stylus and features special software called HTC Scribe which lets you draw notes in many apps, or use stylus gestures for navigation.

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Notion Ink: Adam Tablet Gets Android 2.3 & Kernel Upgrade

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Notion Ink is updating its the Eden UI on its Adam Tablet. The software refresh includes a new kernel the ability to overclock the Tegra 2 processor and a move from Android 2.2 to 2.3 or Gingerbread.

Rohan Shravan has a blog post talks about the Eden UI updates that we’ll be seeing with its adoption of Gingerbread or Android 2.3.

The new e-book client
New browser (the name of the book and client browser will be released in a separate blog next week)
updated kernel
Optimally over-clocked Tegra
Ginger Bread 03.02
lots of usability issues resolved
new multi-tasking environment (easier way to manage tabs and all applications)
Chords Library and Music Player (Simple and straightforward music player)
Library and Video Player
DSP support, so now equalizer will work in better way. Soon we are adding more bass boost in the speakers as well (not a part of this update).
Flash pre-installed
and more!

Sadly we are only seeing an Android 2.3 addition, unfortunately Honeycomb will have to wait little while longer as Google is only releasing code to certain developers. How much more usable this version is then the last still remains to be seen since reviews were mixed.

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HTC Flyer Android tablet up for pre-order for $500

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As expected, Best Buy has started taking pre-orders for the HTC Flyer Android tablet. I heard anecdotal evidence that some customers had placed pre-orders for the tablet last week, but the order page didn’t officially go live on the Best Buy web site until this weekend.

Best Buy is charging $499.99 for the tablet and estimates that it should arrive after May 22nd.

The HTC Flyer features a 7 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragton processor, 16GB of storage, Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, and a microSD card slot.

The tablet runs Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread with HTC Sense software on top.

While the HTC Flyer has a capacitive touchscreen display and responds to fingertip input, the tablet also supports pen input with the included stylus and features special software called HTC Scribe which lets you draw notes in many apps, or use stylus gestures for navigation.

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Trim Slice mini-PC with NVIDIA Tegra 2 available for $199 and up

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CompuLab has announced that the Trim Slice computer the company began showing off earlier this year is now available for purchase for $199 and up. The Trim Slice is a small (I mean, really, really small) desktop computer with a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core processor.

The computer has 4 USB ports, 2 SD card slots, an RS232 port, and HDMI output. That’s pretty much all you get for $199. An extra $20 will get you an 802.11n WiFi adapter and 4GB microSD card, while you can deck out the computer with a 32GB solid state disk, Linux operating system, DVI port, WiFi and Bluetooth for $319.

Here’s the catch: CompuLab says the mini-desktop computer is currently suitable for developers and describes the software as a “work-in-progress.” The company web site cautions potential customers to “wait until the software matures” before purchasing the Trim Slice for personal use.

The Trim Slice measures just 5.1? x 3.7? x 0.6? and uses between 2W and 6W of power.

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LG to Show Off MeeGo Tablets & Smartphones Next Month

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Huawei and Panasonic have announced plans to release MeeGo handsets, the Linux operating system that Nokia walked away from is having a conference in San Fransisco at the end of May and LG is hosting a session on its plans. While the company doesn’t have any “definitive plans” to release a MeeGo smartphone commercially yet, LG is willing to show off some ports of MeeGo on multiple prototypes, including tablets and smartphones. We’ll have to wait and see what LG announces during the MeeGo summit, fingers crossed its plans to release devices.

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Microsoft: Netbooks are down 40%

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Microsoft released its quarterly earnings report yesterday, and while the company reported more than $16 billion in revenue and $5 billion in income for a pretty healthy increase over last year, it wasn’t all good news. Basically the company is seeing growth in the business division, but Windows isn’t bringing in as much revenue as expected.

Part of the reason? Microsoft says there’s been an 8% decline in the consumer PC market and a whopping 40% decline in netbooks.

There’s been a lot of talk over the past few years about the rise and fall of netbooks, but most of the figures have been based on educated guesses by industry analysts. Microsoft’s in a much better position to track the netbook market, since the company’s Windows 7 Starter Edition ships on most of the low cost mini-laptops.

There are still a few things to consider. First, it’s not entirely clear from Microsoft Investor Relations manager Bill Koefoed’s comments whether the company is talking about an actual 40% decline in netbook sales, or a 40% decline in sales growth — two figures I often see confused. Some of the language in Koefoed’s comments lead me to believe it’s a decline in growth — which is to say that the netbook market might still be growing, just not as fast as it used to.

The second thing to consider is that nobody ever expected netbooks to replace traditional laptops or other mobile computers. Instead, the introduction of the netbook a few years ago showed that there was demand for low cost portable computers.

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Intel Atom D2500, D2700 Cedar Trail chip details leaked

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Intel’s next-generation low power Atom chips are apparently on track to launch during the fourth quarter of the year. AnandTech has snagged some details about Intel’s upcoming Cedar Trail platform including model numbers and clock speeds.

The Intel Atom D2500 will be a dual core 1.86 GHz chip with support for DDR3 memory, DirectX 10.1 graphics and support for Blu-ray video, and a TDP of 10 watts. The Atom D2700 will be a faster chip with a 2.13 GHz clock speed, but the same 10W TDP.

Both chips are 32nm processors with the CPU and graphics core on the same chip.

It appears we’re looking at the desktop portion of Intel’s Cedar Trail platform, since Intel tends to start desktop chip names with D. Notebook chips are usually labeled with an N or Z.

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ASUS Transformer Gets UpGraded to Android 3.0.1

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The ASUS Transformer has only been on the market a few weeks and already its getting a software update. The tablet with detachable keyboard shipped running Android 3.0 and already it seeing an upgrade to Android 3.0.1. The upgrade added some new applications as well as number of bug fixes.

The update, which according to is distributed yesterday afternoon and contains the programs Asus MyCloudappears, MyDesktop and MyContent. myCloud a cloud storage service, myCONTENT stores multimedia content, myDesktop allows for remote access to Windows PCs.

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Nokia CEO: Yes, a tablet is coming, no it won’t look like anyone else’s

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Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has confirmed in an interview with a Finnish TV station that the company expects to launch a tablet device. But Elop says whatever the company eventually produces will have a “uniquely Nokia” perspective.

It’s not at all clear what that means in terms of finished hardware or software. But here’s what it means in terms of business strategy. There are dozens, if not hundreds of tablets on the market already, and as Elop points out, the only one that’s doing spectacularly well is the Apple iPad.

While Nokia could jump on the Android tablet bandwagon and produce a device that looks just like everyone else’s, there’s no reason to expect that it would sell very well. So Nokia is looking for ways to produce something a little more innovative.

Of course, that’s exactly what Nokia tried to do in the netbook space when the company launched the Nokia Booklet 3G, and that mini-laptop didn’t exactly become a household name. Thinking outside the box doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, but then again, neither does blending in with the crowd.

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